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The Best Hair Products for Every Zodiac Sign

Created by the cosmos, every zodiac sign has a popular BELLAMI Hair product that aligns with each horoscope's personality and characteristics. From cult classics to top sellers you might not have known existed, you'll want to know just which product was made for you. No matter what your rising, moon, and sun signs are, these BELLAMI finds will resonate with you on a whole new level.


Aquarius beauty possesses the same flowing confidence in her often bold beauty routine as she does in her daily sharing of thoughts and visions. The BELLAMI ION-AIR™ Professional Digital Blow Dryer boasts our patented brushless motor technology for maximum power when creating bold looks.

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Having a dreamy and whimsical persona, Piscean’s are said to be spiritual and creative – craving peace and serenity above all. Create whimsical mermaid waves and looks with our longest 26” Silk Seam extensions.


Aries are confident, dynamic and great at handling multiple tasks at once. The BELLAMI 6-in-1 Complete Curler Set features 6 interchangeable tourmaline barrels for a quick tool change that will prevent you from slowing down.

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Taureans appreciate practicality—but they aren’t afraid to spice up life with extra sparkle. A BELLAMI It’s A Wrap Ponytail is the perfect way to achieve an instant glow up in a flash.


Geminis have the versatility and the ability to change direction to adapt to a wide array of situations. The Bellami 2-in-1 Curler & Flat Iron heats up in 8 seconds to create your fastest silky strands or wavy locks yet.

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Arguably one of the most noteworthy Cancer traits is their die-hard loyalty. Our iconic Ride or Die synthetic lashes will support you through thick and thin.

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Leos are loyal, fierce and hard to miss. When it comes to beauty, your routine should be made up of products that never let you down and bold colors that help you express your fierce personality. What better way to express yourself than with BOO-GATTI™ hair extensions. At 340g 22", these are BELLAMI's thickest and largest extensions! Each box set includes a 120g 22” volumizer weft and 6 wefts totaling 220g.


Virgos value efficiency in every aspect of their lives. Our Piccolina 18” hair extensions are the perfect hair product to add extra length and volume without being too overwhelming.


This harmony-loving sign is never over-the-top, meaning Libras strike a balance in their beauty routines and veer toward tasteful, understated complementary looks. Why not try a new hair color, without the commitment with our Tokyo Styles Eye Candy wig. She’s flirty and fun in 32" of full beautiful body waves.

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At their best, this complex bunch is dedicated, imaginative, and in control, exactly how you will feel in our 280g, 20” Khaleesi hair extensions. These BELLAMI clip-in extensions instantly transform your hair to and allow you to feel like a regal goddess.


Sags aren’t afraid to take risks, try new products or buy the thing that might not make total sense to anyone else. What better way to do so than with a color that’s completely out of the norm. Out Tokyo Styles Knight Rider wig has an intriguing aura that’ll draw you in and leave you feeling mesmerized.

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Capricorns are practical in just about everything they do. A natural leader, the Capricorn wants products that will speed up her routine, not slow her down. Our classic BELLAMI Bambina hair extensions are perfect for adding practical length and volume in a flash.