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BELLAMI X LiCi Fit Interview

Far more than just an activewear brand, LiCi Fit aims to help women around the world feel comfortable in their own skin while they work hard to achieve their goals. They are ALL about inspiring women to encourage and support one another. LiCi Fit wants their community of women to feel like they are a part of something special which is why BELLAMI is excited to work with LiCi Fit and continue to support uplifting and inspiring women.

We sat down with the founders of LiCi Fit, Liz and Cinee, to ask them a few questions.

What keeps you motivated?

Our customers keep us motivated. We love to hear their individual stories regarding how our products have positively impacted their lives.


What is beauty to you?

Cinee: Beauty always starts from the inside out. Everything can be looked at as beauty from a different way. I’m sure that every girl wants to be the perfect girl with the perfect hair but it always starts from the inside. If we can make products, BELLAMI and LiCi, that enhance what people feel on the inside, I feel like that’s what beauty is.

Liz: We create products that are superficial but we really are pushing women to really explore who they are and really promoting these women to be pillars in their communities and be good examples. That’s what we at LiCi always stand for to be the best example, being good people, and examples of what it is to be a good leader and to make everyone around you feel good. It’s really about what you leave behind at the end of the day All of this is going to go away but at the end of the day people do really remember how you make them feel.

Cinee: We make products that make the people feel more empowered to get to know themselves and to have the confidence to go out there and do that.


What is your favorite Bellami product?

Cinee: I wear BELLAMI hair everyday. I have been wearing the tape-ins for 3 years and absolutely love them! Just to be able to add the fullness and it feels like my real hair is amazing. The quality is unmatched.

Liz: The silk seams! They sit super flat and blend so well! I love those. I also love the hot tools! I love that you can set the temperature on the blow dryer. I have never had a dryer that does not completely fry your hair.