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Before and after Clip In hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a favorite must-have accessory among women looking to increase the volume and length of their natural hair, without the pesky wait for prolonged hair growth.

Clip in hair extensions provide an excellent alternative to long hair without the style commitment as well as less stress on the roots so they don’t damage your hair. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, highlights, lowlights, or a fun color, using clip ins allows for a seamless (and more affordable) transformation that doesn’t damage your hair while having the ability to change your hairstyle from day to day.

For the most natural look, it’s vital to color match your hair with the extensions so it looks like your own hair. Bellami hair has 12 of the most wearable shades in its classic collections as well as various Balayages and Ombres that can be color matched to add depth and movement to one’s natural hair.

To achieve the bouncy waves or ultra glam look, hair extensions must be 100% remy human hair in order to be able to be styled with hot tools. Bellami Hair is made of 100% remy human hair and can withstand any heat from styling tools as your own natural hair to create voluminous waves or everyday beach waves.

The most remarkable thing about clip in extensions is the dramatic transformation that takes place in a matter of minutes when you clip them in. Not only do they transform your outside appearance but your whole vibe - from the inside out.

Bellami (Bella Mi) means beautiful me and with Bellami Hair extensions, your true beauty and confidence shines through.


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