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Steph's Transformation

When Steph posted that soon-to-be viral video (68M views!) of her hair falling out, she thought that was the end of the story- a tragic tale of a girl and some bleach. 

But little did she know that two of those viewers were BELLAMI Master Stylists Alex Pardoe and Alfredo Lewis, and what happened next would be the stuff of fairytales… 

We flew Steph out to Los Angeles (her first time!), and the dream team of Master Stylists assembled at BELLAMI HQ to give Steph back her confidence AND the hair of her dreams.

BELLAMI Hair Extensions helped the stylists give Steph the appearance of healthy, natural hair and color without damage. So now her own hair has time to grow.  

Inside this 10-Hour Transformation

Pre-treatment: First, Alfredo used the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask. 

“Hair health is the number one priority before going into any major hair transformation. I do a lot of color corrective work, but Steph’s hair was the most damaged I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever in my career. Making sure her hair was strong before going in with color was key.” 

Step 1: To prep for color, Alfredo used the New BELLAMI Porosity Equalizer (for professional use only, launching July 2023) on dry hair to protect it and ensure uniform pigment absorption. 

Step 2: After the color processed, they used the K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ Clarifying Detox Shampoo, a non-stripping clarifying shampoo, to remove build-up and refresh the hair and scalp. This was followed by the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask, which was left on for 4 minutes to repair damage and restore hair strength.

Step 3: Philip Wolff cut the hair to remove dead ends and damaged hair, and blow dried the hair with K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil and the New BELLAMI Total Defense (for consumer & professional use, launching in July 2023), a heat-activated spray that smooths and protects hair from heat damage. Both products were used to style and prep the BELLAMI Hair Extensions. 

Step 4: Alex Pardoe installed 5 different BELLAMI 20” K-Tip shades including Hot Toffee Blonde, Vanilla Latte, Ash Brown / Ash Blonde Balayage 8/60, Walnut Brown / Ash Blonde 3/60, and Beige Blonde. Pardoe skipped about an inch in between the rows so the density felt more natural.

 ”I chose K-Tips for Steph because they are the lowest maintenance for her, and I built the density with standard bonds in the back. I switched to micro-bonds around her hairline and crown so I could work up even higher to blend the breakage.”  

Step 5: Pardoe and Wolff tag-teamed the final styling of the look using  the New BELLAMI Total Defense and the New BELLAMI Flawless Blend Moisturizing Creme (both launching in July 2023) to blend the hair extensions with her natural hair.

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