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Best of Beauty: BELLAMI Clip-In Hair Extensions

Celebrate with us as the 2023 InStyle Beauty Editor Pick and winner of the 2023 Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Award.  

BELLAMI / News / Published: Feb-28-2024

BELLAMI was honored with the 2023 Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Award and the 2023 InStyle Editors Pick Award for our clip-in hair extensions! We're thrilled to receive this recognition, as it affirms our commitment to providing you with the highest-quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably produced hair extensions.  

The BELLAMI Difference in DIY Hair Extensions  

As the pioneers of ready-to-wear clip-in extensions, we have always aimed to make it easy for individuals to express their unique style and have fun with their hair. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive color range of 100% Remy clip-in hair extensions.  
Our extensions are double drawn, ensuring consistent thickness throughout the weft, and are made with 100% Remy hair that is safe for washing and styling with hot tools. This makes BELLAMI Clip-Ins the perfect short-term hair solution for achieving coveted length and volume or adding color without bleach or dye.

2023 InStyle Beauty Editor Pick- Silk Seam™ Dark Honey Cocoa Highlight  

It would be an understatement to say we're flattered that Beauty Editor Kara Jillian Brown proclaims our Silk Seam™ clip-ins are the best she has ever worn. It's no surprise that extensions that look natural and are comfortable are top priorities for wearers. These extensions feature lightweight Invisi-Weft™, 30% slimmer than traditional wefts. This breakthrough innovation allows our extensions to lay flat against the scalp, ensuring a seamless blend with natural hair—a winning pick indeed.

About Dark Honey Cocoa

Dark Honey Cocoa takes dark brown and weaves between layers of chestnut, forming a deep, lustrous base. Red and gold undertones illuminate for a soft, warm brunette ready for the sweetness of golden-brown highlights.  
Choosing from 44 shades of Silk Seam™ clip-ins—this one is excellent for medium brunettes who want a sun-kissed color in the summer or do as Kara did and use it to add warmth in the fall.

2023 Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Award - BELLAMI Clip-Ins  


“I feel like I'll be buried with these hair extensions, because I love them so much.”    

-Amanda Mitchell, Senior Beauty Writer


From traveling to dancing all night at a festival and many a humid night, Refinery29’s Amanda Mitchell shares her amazement at how her BELLAMI clip-ins have stayed silky and luxurious while holding their curl through such activities. She has found that her Bambina 20" clip-ins aren't just here to look pretty! These extensions feature lace-wefts to support more volume for a total transformation, making them perfect for thicker, coarser hair.  

Thank you, InStyle and Refinery29, for choosing BELLAMI! We will continue to innovate and create ethically and sustainably sourced and made hair solutions for all hair types. We invite you to consider your hair an accessory, like makeup and jewelry—another way to feel beautiful and express yourself. 

Learn more about Silk Seam vs Classic clip-ins and take our quiz to find your weft style! 


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