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Introducing BELLAMI Silk Seam™ Fall 2023: A Revolution in Hair Extensions


Introducing the New Silk Seam™ Collection

BELLAMI Hair unveils its much-anticipated Fall 2023 Silk Seam™ campaign, introducing new shades and a refreshed look. This photoshoot brilliantly showcased the introduction of five new, exclusive shades. The vision was modern, edgy and fashion-forward, juxtaposed by a neutral, ethereal color palette that allowed the shades to pop. The earthy colors spoke to natural beauty, diversity and inclusivity while echoing the focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable production. 

Diversity, Inclusivity and Expression

BELLAMI pioneered ready-to-wear clip-in extensions, and we've always aimed to make it effortless for individuals to express their unique style and have fun with their hair. This photoshoot was the perfect opportunity to bring us back to our roots and usher in this next chapter of showcasing diversity in beauty. 

The Silk Seam™ Difference

What sets BELLAMI Silk Seam™ apart is our revolutionary Invisi-Weft™ technology, which is 30% thinner than traditional lace weft clip-ins. This breakthrough innovation allows our extensions to lay flat against the scalp, ensuring a seamless blend with natural hair.

Every strand of hair is meticulously fused onto the weft to minimize shedding and tangling, ensuring the longevity of our extensions. Moreover, all our extensions are double drawn, providing consistent thickness throughout the weft.

The Silk Seam™ Color Collection

With the addition of our five newest exclusive shades, our Silk Seam™ collection now offers an impressive 44 colors—the most available on the market (not-so-humble brag!) Whether you're seeking natural hues or experimenting with highlights, ombre, balayage, rooted, or marble blends, we're confident you'll find your perfect match. 

Meet the NEW Colors: 

Bronzed Amber - Multifaceted like a gemstone, this color catches your eye while looking natural. The vibrant red shimmers in the light, while bronze tones peek through to give it stunning depth. Bronzed Amber has a touch of warmth while maintaining a neutral tone—excellent for natural redheads. 

Dark Maple Brown - Instead of fanning the flames, this fiery color is tempered by rich brown undertones. This red transforms into a deep, natural auburn without giving up its intensity. Dark Maple Brown is bold with neutral undertones—great for natural redheads. 

Vanilla Latte (Highlights) - Tread into icy waters without entirely going glacial. This blend pours icy highlights into warmer lowlights, creating a cooler-toned multi-dimensional butter blonde. Vanilla Latte adds a pop to warmer blondes.

Dark Honey Cocoa (Highlights) - Dark brown weaves between layers of chestnut, forming a deep, lustrous color. Red and gold undertones illuminate for a soft, warm brunette ready for the sweetness of golden brown highlights. Dark Honey Cocoa is for warm, medium brunettes who want to add sun-kissed color. 

Dirty Brunette (Highlights) - This is what happens when a brunette decides to let its guard down. A dark brown root dances with chocolate and chestnut hues to create richness and complexity before warm blonde highlights take center stage.Dirty Brunette is for deep brunettes who want to add lighten and brighten without the damage. It can also be a good match for brondes.

For a comprehensive guide on choosing the perfect Silk Seam™ shade and tips for color matching, check us out here.

Styling Your Silk Seam™ Clip-In Hair Extensions 

To style our Silk Seam™ hair extensions, you can use the same techniques as you would with your natural hair. Just remember to use a heat protectant before using any thermal styling tools! We recommend Flawless Blend for curling irons and Total Defense for flat irons. To avoid tangles, gently brush before and after styling with a boar brush.

The Longevity of Silk Seam™

Silk Seam™ clip-ins are crafted from 100% Remy hair, and with proper care, can last 3-6 months with regular, everyday use and up to 12 months when worn on occasion. Part of this care is keeping your extensions tangle-free by brushing them throughout the day. Before bed (please do not wear them to sleep!), remove your extensions, ensure the hair is dry and close all the clips. Give them one last brush before safely storing them in our Hair Extensions Carrier & Hanger.

Elevate Your Hair Care Routine

Using the right hair care products for clip-in hair extensions is crucial. That's why we dedicated three years to develop and test BELLAMI Hair Care. This line not only extends the lifespan of your extensions but also enhances the health of your natural hair and scalp. A little extra care goes a long way in keeping your hair healthy and shiny!

Discover more about our hair care here. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to wash your clip-ins, check out this nifty article here.  

In Conclusion

Our Fall 2023 Silk Seam™ campaign is a testament to our commitment to innovation, diversity and sustainable beauty. With our 44 shades, including the 5 new (gorgeous!) additions, BELLAMI Silk Seam™ is here to help you express all the beautiful versions of yourself. 

Experience the new era of BELLAMI Hair and explore our new shades here

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