Miracle Smoothing Brush

Miracle Smoothing Brush


$89.99 - Miracle Smoothing Brush

Simplify styling with the all-new BELLAMI MIRACLE SMOOTHING BRUSH! This 2-in-1, easy-to-use hair brush heats, smooths, and styles in just one step. It’s like brushing your hair, but better. Super Ion Technology reduces frizz and Tourmaline leaves hair smoother, silkier, and straighter in less time (and with less damage) than other styling tools.

Digital controls that reach up to 450°F allow you to dial in on the exact temperature you need for your desired finish. Plus, a compact design with dual voltage makes your new favorite styling tool travel-ready. With the BELLAMI MIRACLE SMOOTHING BRUSH, you can create effortlessly gorgeous results faster and easier than ever before.

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Why you need this


Simply turn on, set the temp, and begin brushing! Transform your style and get results in half the time of a standard straightener.


Heat-activated Super Ions neutralize the naturally positive charge of hair and eliminate static for a smooth, frizz-free finish.


State-of-the-art digital controls allow you to set the temperature with ease, all the way up to 450°F.


Crafted with Tourmaline, a gemstone that aids in straightening and frizz-reduction to result in smoother, shinier hair.

Time-saving Styling


The Miracle Smoothing Brush heats quickly and smooths in seconds so your hair can be camera-ready before you can say “smize.” No more waiting impatiently for a hot tool to actually get hot, or slowly going over your hair section by section to get your desired look. Just plug it in, set the temp, and begin brushing to get your frizz-free hair goals in half the time. Reduced styling time combined with the power of Tourmaline means less damage than other straightening tools, so you can get your smooth on without worrying about hurting your hair.


Wouldn’t it be nice if last night’s perfect ‘do looked just as good the next morning? The Miracle Smoothing Brush is a perfect tool to touch-up yesterday’s style so you can go longer without re-washing or re-styling your hair. Smooth out kinks from awkward sleeping scenarios and maintain yesterday’s sleek style with a quick Miracle Smoothing Brush morning refresh. It’s sort of like brushing your hair after waking up in the morning, except better because it gets rid of any frizz or flyaways without overdoing it.


If you’re rushing to meetings, lunches, and events all day; it makes sense that you want your hair to look its best. It also makes sense that you don’t have the time to spend on styling it. The Miracle Smoothing Brush is the perfect solution for keeping your hair looking coiffed without having to sacrifice precious time on styling. The brush smooths your mane quickly and gets rid of any frizz or kinks that make it obvious you just hopped off a red-eye flight. As a bonus, heat-activated Super Ions eliminate static for smoothness all day (or all night) long.


We all love the look and feel of a fresh blowout, so why not make it last longer? Create that signature blowout bend while keeping volume intact and avoiding the stick-straight look with a quick once-over from your Miracle Smoothing Brush. Tourmaline helps add a lil’ shine to make you look fresh out of the salon. This brush and your blowouts are about to become BFF’s. If you don’t wash your hair for a week, your secret is safe with us.

Miracle Smoothing Brush
Miracle Smoothing Brush
Miracle Smoothing Brush
Miracle Smoothing Brush