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Voluminous curls

Creating big, voluminous curls is a super easy way to look put-together in minutes. Seriously. All you need is about 10 minutes to achieve fun, effortless curls and are always on trend.

Here are some quicks tips to follow for create sexy, voluptuous waves every time.

  1. Start with clean hair. Make sure hair is thoroughly dry before using any curler or thermal styling tool on it.
  2. Separate your hair into sections, creating either a bun or sectioned buns on top to avoid unnecessary tangles.
  3. Take a small section of hair and use a wand to curl your hair away from the face, holding it for about 15-20 seconds before slowly releasing the curl into the palm of your hand, allowing the curl to set. A great curler to try is the Bellami Hair Hot Rod that comes in both 25mm and 32 mm. The 25mm (1 inch) curler, is perfect for tight curls while the 32mm (1.5 inch) curler is amazing for voluminous glam curls or perfect beach waves.
  4. Since the ends of your hair are the most delicate, it’s best to start curling at the top or middle of the hair to protect the ends and prolong the hold.
  5. Continue removing small sections of hair from the top bun(s) while brushing out any tangles before curling. For big, soft curls, start by curling away from the face and follow the same pattern towards the back. To create a more effortless look, alternate the curling pattern to allow for a natural, laid back style.
  6. Plan your desired style ahead so you know where to part the hair to optimize your look, and curl accordingly away from the face. Once done, brush out the curls gently with a wide tooth comb or even using just your fingertips to loosen the curls.
  7. For extra hold, finish with a hairspray like the Bellami Hair 3 Way hair spray which lets you adjust spray pattern for desired hold.

And voila, bombshell waves for days!