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How to make big curls

If you’re yearning for big voluminous curls that take you from daytime casual to nighttime glam (and who isn’t) you’ve come to the right place. The curling wand has been a mystifying tool for some but for those in the know, it casts a magic spell on your hair that seamlessly takes it from bland to beautiful. Here are four T’s to help you wield a wand like a pro.

  1. Tools. The key to getting big curls or even relaxed waves is tools. First and foremost, you want a top quality product that will help you get the look without damaging your hair so a ceramic or titanium curler will be your optimal choice. The ideal size barrel for loose curls (especially on longer hair) is a 1.5” or 32mm like the Bellami Hair Hot Rod, but for shorter hair or even tighter curls there’s a 1” or 25mm option as well.
  2. Technique. One of the most crucial elements in achieving the right curl is the technique used to manipulate the hair bend. Make sure to section off hair prior to curling, then take about a 2” section at a time and curl away from the face to get a flowy voluminous wave. Both breezy and sophisticated, this hairstyle will easily become your go-to option for that naturally sophisticated look.
  3. Time. It’s important to remember that time is of essence. The amount of time you hold your hair curl around the wand will significantly vary between a soft curl with a brief hold to a corkscrew curl for an extended hold. You also want to allow the curl to set to extend the longevity of the curl even more. You can do so by gently sliding the hair off the wand to release and cup in your palm for a moment to allow it to cool and set. Simply releasing the hair to a drop or pulling off the wand will compromise the quality of the curl.
  4. Texture. The biggest advantage of using a curling wand is the freedom and flexibility it provides in creating your desired look. You can hold it vertically for a loose wave or horizontally for a tighter, bouncier curl. You can also twist the hair around the wand while curling for added texture or lay it flat against the wand for the smoothest glam curl imaginable.

Once the curling process is complete, run your hands through your hair, particularly at the ends, to loosen and separate the curls for a softer appearance. For extra hold, finish with a spritz of hairspray. The Bellami Hair 3 way hairspray not only smells amazing and refreshing, but allows you to adjust the spray pattern for soft, medium and strong old that lasts all day!