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Remy human hair extensions reviews

Many women and almost all celebrities wear hair extensions to enhance the appearance of their hair. Some hide it to remain discreet, while others flaunt it all over their social media but unanimously, they all want it to appear undetectable so they opt for extensions can be seamlessly applied, well blended and color matched to perfection.

When you look at customer reviews online for a wide array of hair extension brands, you will likely come across detailed descriptions of the appearance and lifespan of the hair extensions to determine quality and value. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Length and thickness - We all know hair extensions can beautifully enhance the length and thickness of your natural hair but the ones to look for are ideally double drawn like Bellami Hair, as opposed to other brands that are single drawn. The reason for that is you get the same length and thickness with double drawn hair, where with single drawn, the length and thickness varies. For example, if you get a 20” Bellami Hair Bambina, each and every single strand will be 20”, while with a single drawn brand, about half will be 20” and the rest will be approximately 12-14”, making them appear flimsy.

Color matching - It can be tough to perfectly match one’s natural hair with extensions as the shade might not be exact (and many already have their hair colored or processed.) As Bellami Hair extensions have are uniquely multi-dimensional, each shade pick ups the highlights and lowlights in your own hair, creating a seamless blend whether you natural color is a bit lighter or darker.

Styling - As 100% remy human hair extensions are heat resistant, you can style them as you would your natural hair using a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron. Bellami Hair extensions also have a silicone strip on their clips that further protects the hair it’s attached to, never snagging or pulling, while hair extensions stay perfectly secure and intact, without the use of additional products that can potentially damage the hair. These high quality hair extensions also hold a curl or any particular style option extremely well so there’s less of a need for extensive styling or heating product usage.

Variety - With over a dozen standard color options, as well as a multitude of different colored ombres and balayages in the widest range of volumes and thickness, Bellami Hair has hundreds of style options to choose from. With exclusive collaborations with household names, the celebrity stamp of approval has also been firmly placed on Bellami Hair products and their millions of social media followers are excited to post their unique looks utilizing the extensions. No other brand carries that level of excitement and not just due to the celebrity fans, but the overall high quality and tremendous value the brand possesses.

Maintenance - Bellami Hair clip in extensions are so goof proof that anyone with basic skills, style aesthetic and coordination can apply them. The level of care is dependent on how often you wear them, however since they’re not permanently attached to your hair, they don’t absorb the natural oils from the scalp, therefore not requiring daily washing. If you do wear them daily, you may consider washing them once a week or so. If you wear them on occasion, you can most likely go several wears before washing as you’ll likely not use a lot of products on them. Use your best judgement when caring for your extensions and always use gentle products that are sulfate and paraben free to extend the lifespan of the hair extensions.


If you have an addictive personality, you may find yourself obsessively wanting more and more extensions in different shades, balayages, ombres, lengths etc. There are seven days a week and you’ll want to have flawless hair on each and every one of them.

You may also find yourself randomly taking a lot of selfies or caressing your hair excessively. You’ve been warned.


Your friends may become green with envy over your amazing hair, so remember, sharing is caring. Share your knowledge of how to get great hair so you and your friends can rock some incredible head-turning beach waves and glam curls in unison. Afterall, besties that slay together stay together.

Clip in Hair Extensions

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