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How to wear clip in extensions

Hair extensions are a growing trend in the beauty world and with good reason -  they provide a stylish way to add length, volume and gorgeous dimension to your hair. Clip in hair extensions, in particular, allow you to create different looks on a daily basis with ease in a matter of minutes.

To install and wear clip in extensions, here are a few key things you’ll need:

  • Clip ­in hair extensions (sometimes referred to as “wefts” and ideally 100% remy human hair like Bellami Hair for the most natural look)
  • Tail comb to separate hair
  • Hair clips to hold hair as you install each weft
  • Hairbrush - ideally a detangler so it won’t tangle or pull the hair
  • Hairspray (if desired) to finish the look

Before clipping in your hair extensions, wash your natural hair and style it to match the texture of your hair extensions. ( For example, if you have wavy or curly hair, blow dry or straighten your hair if necessary to match the style.)

Here are a few key steps to follow or keep in mind as you are clipping in your hair extensions.

Step 1: ​When taking your hair extensions out of the package, separate them into similar wefts/size - ie the amount of clips per weft to identify what you’re working with. Then, lay them on a flat surface like a table or counter and select the order of placement according to the shape of your head.

The most common method is starting at the bottom with 3 clips size weft, then four (off-center) closer to one side, then another four (off-center) closer to the opposite side. Then another 3 clip weft as your hairline narrows on top. You can clip a 2 clip weft on each side of the head and the singles on the side for added volume and length where needed.

Step 2: ​Using your tail comb, part your hair horizontally to section off hair between the nape and your ears, then secure that section with a hair clip to keep it out of your way.

Step 3: Using the tail comb again, tease your natural hair at the top to add texture so when you clip in the extension weft it stays put and extra secure so it doesn’t slip. ​

Step 4: ​The clips on the wefts open and shut with a simple snap. Open them all to be able to place them in the appropriate area and snap them close to secure them in place. If desired, you can then spray with hairspray to each particular area for extra hold but it is usually not necessary.

Step 5: Continue repeating steps 2-3 while selecting the best weft to match the area that fits each designated section of the hair.

Step 6: ​Continue to secure each extension clip, one at a time, and snap to close. It also helps to style as desired during the process. For example if you’re using a curling iron or wand to create waves, curls and/or volume, do so with each section as you’re clipping in the wefts to tie it all together.

Step 7:  ​Once all of the clips are closed, smooth out the hair with your fingers or a detangler brush.

Step 8: Once you get to the top, if you parted your hair on the side, create the next section toward the side with the most hair — not directly in the middle of your head. If you parted your hair in the center, continue with placing hair extensions in the center of your head as desired.

Step 9: As you continue to take down the rest of your hair, style as accordingly as desired and needed for the look you’re going for.

Step 10: Finish the look with a styling spray for extra hold. A great one to use is the Bellami Hair Control Mi 3 way hairspray. It allows you to adjust the spray pattern as well as hold and also has the most unbelievable smell so your hair smells fresh all day long.

Clip in Hair Extensions

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