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How much do clip in hair extensions cost

Having a bad hair day? Got a haircut you’re not happy with? We’ve all been there. If you’re longing for longer hair, more volume or just craving highlights without the time commitment, hair extensions may be the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, clip in hair extensions may be the ideal way to go. They’re easy and simple to  install and provide an excellent quick fix for the occasional wear, although they can be worn daily as well. Bellami Hair offers top of the line, 100% remy human hair extensions in the widest range of colors, lengths and volume. At 1.5 Million instagram followers (and growing) Bellami hair extension are by far the most well known brand online for their high quality, celebrity and influencer collaborations as well as their competitive prices.

Hair extensions in general tend to vary so much in quality that their prices vary as well so keep in mind you get what you pay for. As far as quality, hair extensions are available in a variety of forms from synthetic, human hair or mixed. If top quality is what you’re looking for than 100% remy hair is the way to go. This ensure the hair is assembled in a way that it’s aligned from root to tip, limiting its chances for matting and tangling. As it is also human hair, it can be treated and styled as you would with your own natural hair so can be treated and heated with styling tools and products. Synthetic hair - whether weaves, wigs, or hair extensions may be in the $25 and under range but their wearability is extremely limited, where with high quality remy human hair, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything under $100 and most likely in the $200-$300 for clip in extensions. However, with a higher end brand, they will easily last you 3-6 months and look amazing throughout.

Other than quality of hair, prices range per length and weight as well - the more you get the more you pay as hair is a hot commodity, especially with top quality brands. The difference in price as far as length and weight can range between an extra $100-$200 for added volume/length but it makes all the difference so make sure to take that into account as well before purchasing.

Tape ins and more permanent options like sew-ins, itips, keratin tips and similar processes will run you a bit more but they’re a more permanent solution so you don’t have to worry about installing them yourself as they should be done by a professional. The high quality ones will look flawless on your head for about 3-4 months and may either need to be readjusted or reinstalled after. The price for that could be double due to the installation process, especially for the highest quality of hair. A professional stylist can spend about five-six hours installing hair extensions and creating a desired style and the cost of the hair can further increase the expense, however, if well cared for, remy human hair can be reused, and as far as care, it’s so low maintenance and feels just like your natural hair so you can have great hair days each and every single day - and who wouldn’t want that.

It’s always wise to do your research prior to making a purchase so keep in mind the quality of hair you desire, weight and length for comfortable and easy wear, as well as style and options available. Bellami Hair works with top stylists and hair gurus to bring their loyal fanbase the widest variety of styles and multi-dimensional colors that blend seamlessly with one’s natural hair.

Once purchasing, make sure to look for sulfate-free hair care products that are safe to use on the extensions to extend their lifespan. Whether permanent or temporary hair extensions, it is also recommended to use combs and brushes specially designed for hair extensions to further preserve the quality of your hair.

Clip in Hair Extensions

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