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Best clip in extensions

If you were to ask any woman what physical attribute makes her feel invincible, 9 times out of 10 she’d say great hair.  Long, voluptuous hair represents beauty, femininity and sexuality in a way that’s boldly empowering. While not all of us are blessed with long, voluminous hair, this seemingly impossible mission can be easily achieved with the use of high end hair extensions.

Hair extensions are such a popular trend nowadays that they’re not only conveniently  accessible, but are also available in a multitude of style options - from the more permanent sew-ins, keratin tips and tape ins to the occasional wear of clip ins.

As clip in hair extensions have been increasingly growing in popularity, the market is also becoming flooded with numerous types of extensions that are synthetic or or are a mix of animal and human hair. This often results in products that don’t look natural, can’t be washed or colored or even styled, so it’s important to do your research prior to making your purchase. But how do you go about selecting the best quality clip in hair extensions for your hair?

The first and most important thing to consider is quality. What are the hair extensions made from? Are they synthetic or human hair? Bellami Hair extensions are made of 100% premium remy human hair so it is aligned from root to tip with superior quality that eliminates tangling and matting.

Secondly, let’s talk logistics. What is the application and removal process of clip in hair extensions? Are they convenient to use? Bellami Hair Clip-in Extensions are easily applied to your hair in minutes with a snap of a clip. They’re completely goof proof and won’t snag or damage your hair.

Another question you’re probably asking yourself is how high maintenance are these for the girl on the go? How does one actually  care for the hair? Since Bellami clip ins are human hair they can be cared for and styled as your own natural hair. In fact, they require even less maintenance as they don’t need to be washed as frequently since they’re not permanently attached to the head, therefore not absorbing any of the natural oils and gunk that might accumulate on your scalp on a daily basis.

Styling options are also a major factor for some and can sometimes be a challenge to find with many brands. Can you choose from a variety of styles? Bellami Hair is available in the widest range of length, volume and color so there is truly something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a color that perfectly matches your natural hair or even a different shade to add highlights, ombre and/or balayage, Bellami hair has a solution for all your hair extension styling needs. The best part is you can completely switch out your highlighted look to create different styling effects without ever damaging your natural hair, so you always have a great hair day! Mission accomplished!

Clip in Hair Extensions

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