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Which Color BELLAMI Hair Extensions Are Right For Me?

Find Your BELLAMI Silk Seam™ Color Match

BELLAMI / News / Published: Oct-01-2023

So you've always been told you're an Ash Blonde, although it looks like Beach Blonde is your color. But wait, now Ash Blonde looks more golden on your phone than it did on your computer…

Let's face it—finding your perfect match through a screen is difficult (in more ways than one…). That's why we’re here to throw you a life raft in these treacherous waters. We tapped Master Extensionist Kat Lewis for some expert help on starting your color match journey on the right foot and for an in-depth breakdown of every shade in our Silk Seam™ collection of clip-in extensions.

How to Color Match

First things first, you’ll want to make sure that you can get the most accurate read of your natural hair. Kat’s top three tips to do can be found here.


  1. Lighting is everything—look at your hair in indirect sunlight!
  2. Match your clip-ins to your ends—they’re going to impact the color match the most.
  3. Choose the right length—begin measuring at the nape of your neck, not your roots.


Make note of the color and tone of your hair, especially the ends. If you can, take pictures of your hair to reference throughout the shade breakdown. We’ve included the timestamps so you can easily jump between the sections.

Let's begin with our NATURALS collection!

  • 0:51 Jet Black
  • 1:20 Off Black
  • 1:58 Mochachino Brown
  • 2:40 Dark Brown
  • 3:10 Chocolate Brown
  • 3:48 Walnut Brown
  • 4:35 Chestnut Brown
  • 5:05 Almond Brown
  • 5:52 Ash Brown
  • 6:44 Strawberry Blonde
  • 7:37 Dirty Blonde
  • 8:25 Butter Blonde
  • 9:10 Beach Blonde
  • 9:53 Ash Blonde
  • 10:28 Platinum Blonde


Next in line, MARBLE BLENDS!

  • 11:43 Bronzed Caramel Marble Blend
  • 12:31 Caramel Marble Blend
  • 13:17 Ash Bronde Marble Blend


Continuing with ROOTED Clip-ins:

  • 14:32 Rooted Off Black/Almond Brown
  • 15:00 Rooted Ash Brown/Honey Blonde
  • 16:27 Rooted Cool Brown/Butter Blonde
  • 17:27 Rooted Walnut Brown/Ash Blonde
  • 18:42 Rooted Vanilla Latte


Introducing HIGHLIGHTED shades:

  • 19:51 Ash Bronde Highlight
  • 20:31 Honey Comb Highlight
  • 21:45 Vanilla Latte Highlight
  • 22:41 Pearl Blonde Highlight



  • 24:10 Dark Brown/Chestnut Brown Balayage
  • 25:28 Dark Brown/Dirty Blonde Balayage
  • 26:25 Mochachino Brown/Dirty Blonde Balayage
  • 27:43 Cool Brown/Dirty Blonde Balayage
  • 28:34 Golden Hour Blonde Balayage
  • 29:46 Ash Brown/Ash Blonde Balayage
  • 30:53 White Mocha Balayage


Moving on to OMBRE shades:

  • 32:27 Dark Brown/Ash Brown Ombre
  • 33:06 Warm Brown/Honey Blonde Ombre
  • 33:55 Ash Bronde/Strawberry Blonde Ombre


Last but not least, RED!

  • 35:32 Mulberry Wine
  • 35:59 Cinnamon Mocha
  • 37:04 Spiced Crimson


Congratulations, you made it! Hopefully now you feel confident in what could be your perfect match. They say, “When you know you know,” but if you aren’t sure after watching this video, then we have more resources to help.

Color Match Team

Our Color Match Team is always happy to play matchmaker. Send them an email at info@bellami.com with a few photos of your hair in natural, indirect sunlight (not direct please!). Please make sure that there are no filters or edits that could affect your hair color in the photos. Once submitted, our color matching team will assess your hair and get back to you their recommendations. They can also assist in choosing the best length.


BELLAMI Beauty Bar

If you live in select cities near one of our locations, schedule a date at a BELLAMI Beauty Bar! Our incredible stylists will find your dream extensions during a complimentary one-on-one session. See locations: https://www.bellamihair.com/pages/bellami-beauty-bar


POV: You think you’ve found them; they’re the right length and the perfect color. That means it's now or never—It’s time to add to cart. But don’t worry, we’re well aware that sometimes things don’t always work out and we want to make ordering extensions virtually risk and anxiety-free! That's why we include a weft of tester hair in each set of BELLAMI Clip-In Extensions. Here is how to use the tester hair:

Upon receipt, remove only the tester from the packaging to see how the extensions blend with your natural hair and texture without voiding the warranty. If it’s a match, then congratulations! If not, please see how to start a return or exchange.

Return & Exchange Policy https://www.bellamihair.com/pages/exchange-policy


BELLAMI Beauty Bar

Sometimes you’ve got to meet face-to-face—If you live in or near one of our location cities, schedule a date at a BELLAMI Beauty Bar! Our incredible stylists will find your dream extensions during a complimentary one-on-one session.

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