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How To Install BELLAMI Clip-In Hair Extensions

Change your look to last a mood, a moment or more. It's never been easier with clip-in hair extensions. Enhance volume and give luxurious length without chemicals or damage!

Why choose BELLAMI Clip-Ins? 

BELLAMI Clip-Ins are 100% Remy hair that has been hand-selected and ethically sourced; as a result, your extensions will be soft, silky and shiny throughout their lifetime. Our high-quality clips form a firm grip on hair without slippage or worry about damage. 

A standard set of extensions comes with 5-7 wefts of hair. Follow below for a simple guide on installing your BELLAMI hair extensions.


Step 1: Start your installation with a 2-clip weft

Gently brush your hair and extensions to remove any knots or tangles.

Since clip-in hair extensions are installed from the bottom up, you'll start with a thin section of hair at the nape of your neck. Secure the rest of your hair up and away with a hair clip. 

Hot Tip: For an extra-secure hold, lightly tease the hair in the spot where you will clip in the extensions. 

Find the center of the section at your nape and place the 2-clip weft into the teased hair— as close to the roots as possible, pulling the weft tight when securing. Snap the clip shut so it grips your hair.

Step 2: Create another parting and install the larger 3-clip weft

Separate another thin section of hair about an inch above the 2-clip weft and tease close to your roots. Find the center of that section and secure the middle clip of the 3-clip weft close to the roots, followed by clipping in the sides.

Step 3: Create another parting and install the 4-clip weft

An inch above the 3-clip weft, use a 4-clip weft. This section should be at the widest part of your head. Tease and clip in the middle two clips at the center of the section and continue clipping in the sides.

Step 4: Create another parting and install a 4 or 3-clip weft

An inch above the first 4-clip weft, use your second 4 or 3-clip (this depends on the length you purchased).

Step 5: Create another parting and install a 3-clip weft

Separate a thin straight section of hair about two inches below the crown of your head. Using the 3-clip weft, find the center and attach the middle clip to the roots of your hair first, followed by the side clips.

Step 6: Create your last parting and install two 2-clip wefts

Separate a thin straight section of hair about two inches above the ear on each side of your head. Take a 2-clip weft and secure the clip closest to your hairline first. Then secure the second clip closer to the back of your head.

Step 7: Brush your hair, style and slay — in that order

Brush your hair and check in the mirror to ensure all the wefts are hidden. Adding some waves to your hair always helps everything blend. Remember to use a heat-protectant like the Total Defense Spray beforehand! We love using the Deep Waver for beach waves or this Curling Iron for a more polished look. Lastly, finish it with the Flawless Blend Leave-In to blend natural hair with extensions and add shine! 

Remember, installing clip-ins takes practice! Don't worry; soon, it'll be second nature. 

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