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Learn From The Pros: How To Blend Hair Extensions

When it comes to fitting your hair extensions, a one size fits all approach is not always the most effective. Most of the work you need to do is before you even put your hair extensions in.

To blend in straight hair with extensions, divide your hair into rows from the nape of your neck to just in front of your ears. Working from back to front you want to tease your roots vigorously to give them extra body, this will help your hide on top of your human hair extensions too.

Once you have clipped your hair extensions, smooth over the top and brush your hair and the extensions together to blend. Lower that top layer of hair and the front section. Brush and straighten your hair so that it blends in with your extensions seamlessly.

Don’t forget the trim! Layered hair can be brilliant for framing your face and giving your hair a lovely sense of movement. The best way to achieve this is to trim the ends so they match your layers. Watch as our Head of Education Kat Lewis shows her favorite trimming techniques for blending extensions.