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How to Choose the Perfect Color Hair Extensions

What’s the key to a solid, natural looking hair extensions blend? Choosing the right color. Not sure which color hair extensions you need? Learn how to seamlessly color match BELLAMI hair extensions with our Head of Education, Kat Lewis! Looking for the swatch of a specific shade? Just select from the timestamps below.

Still in need of a BELLAMI color match after watching this video? Send us an email at with a few photos of your hair in the best natural light (not including direct sunlight). Make sure that there are no filters or edits made to the hair color. Our color matching team will get back to you with an answer in no time and can also assist on choosing the best length.

00:24 Natural Tones

00:56 Jet Black

02:02 Off Black

02:47 Mochachino Brown

03:26 Dark Brown

04:08 Walnut Brown

04:35 Chocolate Brown

05:08 Chestnut Brown

05:51 Almond Brown

06:29 Ash Brown

07:12 Dirty Blonde

08:19 Strawberry Blonde

09:27 Butter Blonde

10:25 Beach Blonde

11:48 Platinum Blonde

13:16 Sterling Silver

13:45 Vibrant Red

14:38 Rooted Colors

15:13 Rooted Off Black to Almond

15:43 Rooted Cool Brown to Butter Blonde

16:27 Rooted Ash Brown to Honey Blonde

17:10 Rooted Walnut Brown to Ash Brown

18:03 Ombre

18:14 Dark brown Ash Brown Ombre

19:07 Warm Brown Honey Blonde Ombre

19:51 Ash Brown Strawberry Blonde Ombre

20:56 White Mocha Balayage

22:01 Golden Hour Balayage

22:55 Highlights

23:22 Ash Blonde Highlight

24:24 Honeycomb Highlight

25:07 Pearl Blonde Highlight

26:36 Marble Blend

27:00 Bronzed Caramel Marble Blend

28:09 Caramel Marble Blend

29:40 Ash Blonde Marble Blend

30:44 Balayage by Guy Tang 

30:59 Mochachino to Chocolate Balayage

31:41 Dark Brown to Chestnut Balayage

32:56 Mochachino to Dirty Blonde Balayage

33:32 Dark Brown to Dirty Blonde Balayage

34:13 Chocolate Brown to Dirty Blonde Balayage

34:40 Cool Brown to Dirty Blonde Balayage

35:26 Ash Brown to Ash Blonde Balayage

36:26 Platinum Perfection

37:10 Tan Lines

38:16 Diamonds

38:54 Heiress

39:19 Goals

40:17 Rolls

40:44 Limo Tint