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Pin curls long hair

As much as your curling iron is your low key BFF (whose isn’t?), there is something to be said for low heat styling. That's why pin curls are such a fantastic solution - all you really need is bobby pins and a bit of hair balm to create hold.

Although this technique may seem intimidating at first, it’s really pretty simple. Start with clean damp hair, but make sure to thoroughly towel dry so  it's not too wet or the style won't dry properly.

Setting your hair with a styling cream is a great aid to smooth the hair and add hold. Rub cream between your hand to a thin layer for even application. Begin distributing the product all over your head, focusing on midshaft to ends and less on the top of your hair and hairline.

If you’re using clip in hair extensions to create length and volume, make sure to have them installed prior to beginning the curling process. Wet them slightly for damp effect so texture is even throughout the hair.

Part your hair and begin sectioning off about an inch or so of hair, one section at a time, as you take hair from ends and roll up to the roots, making sure to firmly secure with a bobby pin or two. It's usually easier to start at the top of your head and in the front, then work your way towards the back and bottom. Doing so will make it more uniform and clean.

Continue this process until all of your hair has been pinned up. Air-dry or diffuse hair until it feels thoroughly dry and cool to the touch. Some opt to use a silk scarf wrapped around the head and sleeping on it overnight to ensure that it's completely dry but it depends on your time constraints.

Once dry, pull out all the pins. You can use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to smooth out the curls, but placing your hands underneath your hair and shaking it out at the root usually works best, allowing the hair to fall more naturally. Then use the wide tooth comb to softly sculpt your hair into your desired shape without overstretching the curl. This also allows for some bounce back when hair has fully dried. Finish the look with a styling product like the Bellami 3 way hairspray for an amazing style that lasts all day long.

Clip in Hair Extensions

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